Start your engines, Start motivating your team

Juan Cruz Alonso
3 min readSep 21, 2020

I consider motivation as one of the main drivers of the teams. Strengthens the group, leads them to challenge themselves and be able to break their own limits. A motivated team is often a happy team.

That is why I consider it very important to know the motivations of our teams. In my experience, many times I have seen great “Forgotten” teams where the motivation depended exclusively on them. Today I read the Gallup site report were as part of the data collected they commented that 21% of workers believe that motivation is directly related to the performance they can deliver. The problem begins to be global, teams show signs of being tired, upset, unmotivated. Understanding this as a key factor, we began to think that it could be done. We started down the path of the serpent.

The trigger we found useful was asking the following question in the different teams: What motivates you and how can I help you?

And this is where Management 3.0 has a very useful practice known as Moving Motivators. This practice is quite simple, we have 10 intrinsic and extrinsic motivations known as CHAMPFROGS and we will ask the teams to order it from left to right, that is, from highest to lowest importance in terms of motivation.

To carry out the dynamics we use Miro. In a general board, we set up a small station per person with the different motivators to evaluate. We ask them to take a four-week timebox as a reference and order them from highest to lowest importance. Once the order is finalized, as a second slogan, we ask them that if this motivation was satisfactorily fulfilled, they elevate the motivator above the others. On the other hand, if it was not fulfilled, they should put it below. It is possible to leave it in place if they felt that they were satisfied but that there was still work to be done.

As a result, we learned from our colleagues what things motivate us, whatnot, and how our team’s index was made up of various comments to justify the order. Each member took their photo of how their indicators are today, they set themselves the challenge of continuing to update the order of their indicators on the board and being able to think about where they want to be in a certain period. One of the boys, for example, told me that it helped him to know that today he is where he wants to be and that he would try not to lose focus.

As a facilitator, I learned that teams seek to improve, many times we fall into the trap of introspection on tasks when we must go one step further and get to know each other more. For my next experiment, I will share my indicators with the team also to strengthen our bond.

I invite you to try Moving Motivators. Take a look. Mural or the collaborative tool that you like the most, download the cards (you can find it on the Management 3.0 website) and meet your teams. They will not regret it.

See you on the other side of the snake road!